Enterprise Plastics, Inc. offers a wide range of services to our customers! Our extensive experience allows us to help bring our clients’ products to life. We can assist in product development from the concept stage all the way through design, engineering, and prototyping. In tandem with the mold building experience of our sister company Colonial Patterns, we can build your mold and then our manufacturing facility can take your idea and turn it into a deliverable product. 

Product Decorating

We have the ability to decorate your product, whether it be through conventional pad printing, hot stamped foils, in-mold labeling, or even masking and painting. 

Product Assembly

We offer assembly services, from simple parts snapped together in-cycle at the press, to elaborate electromechanical appliance assemblies. We can also do testing and accommodate specific packaging requirements.

Quality Control

We work with all sorts of customers from startup inventors to multinational corporations. Everyone has their specific quality control requirements, and we accommodate them all. We can often help customers strike the proper balance between extremely intricate quality control documentation systems and checking the most basic, meaningful dimensions. We understand our processes well and will work to learn and understand yours. Quality is of the utmost importance to us and we’ll never lose sight of that.

“The team at Enterprise Plastics has an unmatched level of knowledge and experience!” — Bill D.


Enterprise Plastics is a great place to sample tooling with our vast range in press size, experience in different resins, and knowledge of various types of tooling and accessories. We can help you try out new tooling, changes, or repairs. 

Product Delivery

We offer high quality product packaging and storage along with delivery. Our shipping and receiving department can gently load pallets of your product into Enterprise Plastics’ fleet of tractor- trailers or straight trucks for delivery. Or we can accommodate scheduling shipments using your preferred vendor.